Explosive-laden Drone Washes Up on Bulgarian Coast

Over the weekend, Bulgarian authorities reported the discovery of an attack drone fitted with an explosive device on the shores of a resort town on the Black Sea coast. This incident marks the latest in a series of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) events along the Bulgarian coastline that have been linked to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The attack drone, a fixed-wing aircraft, was found on the shores of Tyulenovo, a popular tourist resort town. The Bulgarian military promptly dispatched a naval EOD team to the scene to assess the situation. The team determined that the drone was carrying an 82mm explosive mortar round, a common munition used in drone attacks in the land war in Ukraine.

Due to the damaged condition of the drone, it was deemed unsafe to move the explosive device to another location. Therefore, the EOD team decided to carry out a controlled explosion on-site using a detonating charge. To ensure the safety of nearby residents, a secure area with a 150-meter radius was designated, and warnings were issued to stay clear of the area.

In response to the incident, Defense Minister Todor Tagarev assured the public that explosive-laden drones washing up on shores is a routine occurrence and should not cause concern. He emphasized that the Bulgarian military is well-prepared to handle such situations and follows established protocols when dealing with unexploded ammunition.

However, speculation about the origin of the drone continues. While Minister Tagarev suggested that the drone likely came from the war in Ukraine, the exact source remains unclear. According to the Kyiv Post, the downed device bears resemblance to the Dovbush T10, a midsize Ukrainian reconnaissance drone known for its resistance to Russian jamming. However, the Dovbush has been found to be vulnerable to adverse weather conditions.

In conclusion, the discovery of the explosive-laden drone is another reminder of the ongoing risks to security in the region. The Bulgarian military’s quick response and adherence to established protocols demonstrate their preparedness to handle such incidents. Further investigations will likely shed light on the source and purpose of the drone, providing valuable insights into regional dynamics.

– The Maritime Executive