LaGrange College Launches Aviation Program to Meet Workforce Demand

LaGrange College has recently introduced a new aviation program in response to the growing demand for skilled pilots in the workforce. The program offers students the opportunity to minor in aviation courses and obtain certifications to become pilots. The college has partnered with Paragon Flight Training based at Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida to provide these classes.

LaGrange College President, Susanna Baxter, sees this partnership as an important milestone in creating new educational and career opportunities for students. Baxter believes that the option to pursue aviation will open doors to an exciting and growing career field.

To support the program, the college has a flight simulator and access to Cessna Skyhawks for students to fly at the LaGrange-Callaway Airport. This hands-on experience will allow students to gain practical skills and knowledge in aviation.

One of the first students enrolled in the class, Isabel Rocker, has a dream of becoming a commercial pilot. Rocker’s passion for flying began at a young age, and she is determined to obtain her certification to make her dream a reality.

Paragon Flight Instructor, Ethan Meeks, is excited to work with the students and provide them with the necessary training to succeed in the course. Meeks acknowledges the increasing demand for pilots and believes that becoming a pilot is an excellent career choice.

In conclusion, LaGrange College’s new aviation program provides students with the opportunity to pursue a career in aviation. Through partnerships and practical training, students can acquire the skills and certifications needed to meet the growing demand for pilots in the workforce.

– WANF (2023). “LaGrange College Launches a New Aviation Program to Fill Workforce Gap.”