Coimbatore Corporation Using Drones for Property Tax Collection

The Coimbatore Corporation in India is taking measures to improve property tax collection by utilizing drones to collect geographic information system (GIS) data. The mapping and field verification will be conducted by a State government-approved private third party in collaboration with bill collectors from the corporation. This initiative aims to ensure accurate documentation of property tax assessments and identify any discrepancies.

During a recent GIS mapping exercise of Cross Cut Road in Ward 68 of the Central Zone, it was revealed that approximately 70 out of the 500 assessments had plan deviations of around 60%. This indicated that the land use or the number of floors in these buildings did not align with the property tax documentation.

Field verification is currently underway to check the measurements, land use patterns, building type, and temporary and permanent structures on the road. The Coimbatore Corporation had previously collected INR 1.5 crore ($200,000) in property tax from a prominent jewelry showroom after uncovering a deviation during a regular inspection.

The Corporation plans to issue a work order to conduct GIS mapping in Central, West, and North zones. Three wards each will be covered in North and West zones, while the remaining wards will be covered in the Central Zone. The entire process is expected to be completed within a month, with a target of covering five square kilometers per day.

The mapping will focus on areas with high commercial structures, and no immediate penalties will be imposed. However, property owners will receive notices regarding any deviations, and they are required to ensure that the correct amount of property tax is paid in the future. This initiative is part of the Coimbatore Corporation’s efforts to enhance property tax collection across the city.