Nigeria Signs Deal for MD 530F Cayuse Warrior Plus Helicopters

Nigeria has officially signed a contract with MD Helicopters to acquire 12 MD 530F Cayuse Warrior Plus light attack helicopters. The deal, which was announced in March, has now been finalized, and deliveries are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The MD 530F Cayuse Warrior Plus is a scout/attack helicopter specifically designed for military operations. It is equipped with advanced avionics, firepower, and mission management capabilities, making it a valuable asset for combat missions.

While the Nigerian Air Force already operates a range of attack and assault helicopters, including the AgustaWestland AW109, Mil Mi-24/35 ‘Hind’, and Aerospatiale SA 342 Gazelle, the newly acquired MD 530F helicopters will be utilized by the Nigerian Army. This move is part of the country’s efforts to strengthen its aviation capabilities, particularly in light of the ongoing Boko Haram crisis.

The exact value of the contract has not been disclosed by MD Helicopters, but this purchase marks another significant step for Nigeria in modernizing its military equipment to effectively combat terrorism and maintain national security.

Source: Jane’s Defense Weekly