D-Fend Solutions Launches EnforceAir2 for Portable Counter-Drone Operations

Counter-drone specialist D-Fend Solutions has introduced its latest product, EnforceAir2, designed for tactical and stealth operations. This portable backpack solution builds upon the success of D-Fend Solutions’ flagship EnforceAir technology, offering enhanced and extended capabilities for countering drone threats.

EnforceAir2 utilizes radio frequency-based cyber takeover technology to provide on-the-go protection to law enforcement and security agencies, even in challenging terrains. The product’s compact and lightweight design, powered by hot-swap batteries, ensures continuous operations without any downtime.

Yaniv Benbenisti, President and Chief Product Officer of D-Fend Solutions, highlighted the company’s position as a pioneer and leader in the RF-Cyber technology category. EnforceAir2 delivers unprecedented power, flexibility, and portability to security officials, enabling them to effectively confront and overcome growing drone risks.

EnforceAir2 overcomes the limitations of off-the-shelf platforms with its multiple receivers and transmitters, real-time processing capabilities, and high-performance MIMO antennas. These features contribute to improved radiation patterns and provide superior counter-drone capabilities.

The product’s multi-use deployment kit offers operational flexibility for tactical teams. It includes quick set-up, locking, and release mechanisms for rapid conversions between deployments. Additionally, EnforceAir2 supports short to medium-term stationary deployment options for tactical teams, as well as various deployment methods, including tactical, vehicular, stationary, and backpack options.

With the increasing proliferation of drone threats in various environments and scenarios, EnforceAir2 equips security officials with the tools they need to effectively detect and mitigate risks. This latest offering from D-Fend Solutions reinforces the company’s commitment to control, safety, and continuity in the face of evolving drone threats.

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– Definitions:
– RF-Cyber: Radio frequency cyber technology that utilizes radio frequency signals to detect and mitigate threats.
– MIMO: Multiple Input, Multiple Output, a technology that uses multiple antennas to improve wireless communication performance.