British Intelligence: UAV Attack on Russian Airfield Presumed to be Carried Out From Inside Russia

According to British intelligence analysts, the recent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attack on the Soltsy airfield in Russia may have been launched from within the Russian Federation. The attack resulted in the destruction of at least one Tu-22M3 strategic bomber. The British Ministry of Defense provided an update on social media platform X, citing intelligence data.

The Soltsy military airfield, located in the Novgorod region and approximately 650 km from the Ukrainian border, was the target of the attack. Russia’s Ministry of Defense claimed that the airfield was targeted by a quadcopter-style UAV.

The British intelligence community believes that if this claim is true, it adds weight to the assessment that some UAV attacks against Russian military targets originate from within Russian territory. They explain that copter UAVs would not have the range to reach Soltsy-2 from outside Russia.

The use of Tu-22M3 bombers by Russia to launch heavy anti-ship missiles against Ukraine has been well-documented. These bombers have also been involved in intense bombardment, including the use of unguided bombs, in locations such as Mariupol.

This recent attack on the Soltsy airfield marks at least the third successful attack on long-range airfields, prompting questions about Russia’s ability to protect strategic locations within its own borders, according to British intelligence.

In a previous update, British intelligence reported that Russia was expanding its military organization in light of wartime realities. They stated that the creation of a new formation, the 18th Combined Arms Army, is highly likely.


– British Ministry of Defense
– Ukrinform