Strange Happenings: Ravens Game Interrupted by Drone

In a surprising turn of events, the recent Ravens game was interrupted not once, but twice, by a rogue drone. The game, which had been proceeding smoothly, was abruptly halted when the mysterious flying object made its appearance.

This is not the first time that the Ravens have experienced unusual incidents during their games. Super Bowl XLVII saw a sudden blackout that left the stadium in darkness for over half an hour. Now, it seems, they have added drones to their list of unexpected occurrences.

The first interruption occurred during the second quarter, causing a temporary pause in play. Players and coaches on the sidelines were left in awe as they watched the drone hovering above, pointing and gesturing to one another.

Play resumed in the third quarter, seemingly unaffected by the earlier incident. However, to everyone’s surprise, the drone made another appearance in the fourth quarter. Once again, play was halted as the object was cleared from the area.

Head Coach John Harbaugh expressed his amazement at the unprecedented sight. “We saw them up there. That’s a first,” he said. “I thought I’d seen it all with the Super Bowl blackout. Now we have drones flying around.”

While the sudden appearance of a drone at a football game may seem harmless, it raises questions about the potential risks and security concerns involved. Will we see more drones interrupting sporting events in the future? Only time will tell.


Q: Did the drone cause any harm during the game?
A: No, the drone did not cause any harm, but it did lead to temporary stoppages in play.

Q: Were any actions taken to identify the operator of the drone?
A: It is unclear who was responsible for flying the drone, and investigations are underway to determine the source.

Q: Can drones pose a security threat at sporting events?
A: While this incident did not result in any harm, drones can potentially be used for malicious activities, making security concerns a valid issue.