State Route 159 Reopens After Flooding

State Route 159, the main road leading to the turn-off for the Red Rock National Conservation Area in Las Vegas, has reopened to traffic after being closed due to flooding. The closure occurred on Monday following heavy rainfall caused by Tropical Storm Hilary, which caused flood waters to rush over a two-mile stretch of the road from Mile Marker 13 to Mile Marker 15. However, the 13-mile scenic loop within the conservation area will remain closed until Tuesday.

Efforts were made by crews to clear the road and make it safe for commuters, resulting in the reopening around 9:30 am. Drone footage from 8 News Now provides a visual of how full the Red Rock detention basin became after the heavy rainfall.

The Red Rock National Conservation Area is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking trails, rock climbing, and scenic drives. Situated just west of Las Vegas, it provides a beautiful and scenic escape from the city’s bustling atmosphere.

It is important to note that flooding can cause significant damage to roads and infrastructure, as seen in this instance. When intense rainfall occurs, it can overwhelm drainage systems and result in flash floods. Floodwaters can be unpredictable and dangerous, especially when they cover roadways. It is crucial for authorities to close affected roads to ensure the safety of drivers and prevent accidents.

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