Major Collaborations in Drone Technology, AI, and Sustainable Technology Expected at Sabah Chinese Economy Conference

The Sabah Chinese Economy Conference (SCEC), set to take place on August 23, will witness the signing of 12 collaborative agreements in various fields, including drone system technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and sustainable technology. The one-day conference is being organized by six local non-governmental organizations with the aim of boosting the economy of the Malaysian state.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Haji Noor is expected to officiate the conference, which will bring together reputable Chinese companies specializing in different sectors.

Among the collaborations, one agreement focuses on the use of drone technology for flood lighting. This initiative has the potential to aid in emergency situations such as sea rescues, as well as enhance security in poorly lit areas. Another collaboration aims to leverage Sabah’s biomass resources to create activated hard carbon for anode, contributing to sustainable technology.

Moreover, a top-notch digital technology developer will be introduced to the conference, specializing in AI technology. This developer aims to digitalize the entire city and improve amenity management efficiency, ultimately enhancing the lifestyle of citizens.

The SCEC serves as a shared platform for Sabah entrepreneurs and their desire to attract investments from China. With immense market potential, China offers significant opportunities for business expansion and growth. By connecting with Chinese businesspeople, community associations, cultural associations, and learning institutions, Sabah aims to make headway in realizing its economic goals.

These collaborations highlight the importance of technological advancements and sustainable practices in driving economic growth and development. The SCEC provides a platform for exchange and cooperation between Sabah and China, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships in various sectors.


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