Emirates A380 Collides with Drone in Nice, France

An Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft collided with a drone in Nice, France on Friday, resulting in damage to its wing. The specific aircraft involved in the incident was A6-EOM, which operated the EK77 rotation between Dubai and Nice. RadarBox.com provided data on the incident.

According to sources on Twitter, a section of the wing’s leading edge was damaged due to the collision. As a result, the aircraft has been grounded until the necessary repairs can be made. The BEA (Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety), the aircraft accident investigative authority in France, is currently investigating the incident. Although they have not yet confirmed the involvement of a drone, there are indications suggesting that the collision was indeed with a drone.

Drone usage around airports is generally prohibited, and France is no exception. If it is determined that a drone was involved in this incident, there may be criminal penalties assigned to the responsible party. The BEA’s report will be highly anticipated, as it will shed light on the cause of the damage and potentially identify the owner of the drone.

This is a developing story, and updates will be provided as more information becomes available. It is crucial to ensure compliance with regulations regarding drone usage around airports to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Sources: RadarBox.com, Aviation Safety Network