Eve Air Mobility and Moviation to Collaborate on Urban Air Traffic Management Solution

Eve Air Mobility (Eve) and Moviation, South Korea’s first Urban Air Mobility (UAM) service provider, have announced a collaboration to purchase Eve’s Urban Air Traffic Management (ATM) solution. The software solution will play a crucial role in enabling the implementation and scalability of UAM, providing essential traffic management services.

The agreement comes as Eve’s Urban ATM concept has been selected as part of Korea’s K-UAM Grand Challenge. This phased demonstration program aims to test UAM vehicle safety and traffic management solutions in urban conditions, with the goal of commercializing UAM in Korea by 2025.

David Rottblatt, VP of Sales and Government Affairs at Eve Air Mobility, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating that it will demonstrate the value of Urban ATM technology in safely launching and scaling UAM operations in Korea. The Urban ATM solution, based on existing air traffic control software for piloted aircraft, will serve air navigation service providers, urban authorities, fleet operators, vertiport operators, and other UAM stakeholders.

Moviation, dedicated to delivering a secure and reliable UAM service, will work closely with Eve to integrate the Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM) system. Through rigorous testing and data accumulation, Moviation aims to ensure the seamless integration of UATM technology.

Eve is collaborating with Atech, Embraer’s Air Traffic Control technology and system integrator company, to develop the Urban ATM software solution. Additionally, Eve is working with regulators, customers, air navigation service providers, vertiport developers, and other UAM ecosystem stakeholders worldwide to advance concepts and develop technology for UAM operations.

The implementation of Eve’s integrated systems and services will be crucial for the safe and efficient launch of UAM operations. Moreover, these network management services will be essential for supporting autonomous flight in the future.

– Eve Air Mobility: [email protected]
– Moviation: [email protected]
– *definitions: Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is a transportation concept that aims to provide on-demand aviation services in urban areas using electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.
– Image source: Eve Air Mobility
– Additional information: UATM refers to Urban Air Traffic Management, which encompasses the management and control of air traffic in urban areas to ensure safe and efficient operations of UAM vehicles.