Flexjet Launches Starlink by SpaceX: A Game-Changer in In-Flight Connectivity

Flexjet, a global leader in subscription-based private aviation, has partnered with broadband satellite internet provider Starlink to offer owners of its aircraft high-speed Wi-Fi access that rivals the connectivity found in boardrooms. This collaboration makes Flexjet the first shared ownership jet travel provider to offer such fast and reliable in-flight internet access, enhancing the overall flight experience for passengers.

Starlink, developed by SpaceX, operates a network of over 4,500 satellites in low-Earth orbit to provide internet access to remote, rural, and aviation users worldwide. The technology has been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration for use in Flexjet’s Gulfstream G650s. Once the antennas are installed on the Gulfstream fleet, installation will begin on Flexjet’s super-mid, mid, and light jet fleets.

What sets Starlink apart from existing in-flight connectivity solutions is its innovative design. The hardware features a phased array antenna with no moving parts, eliminating performance issues caused by environmental variances. Passengers can access the internet as soon as they board the aircraft and will not lose connectivity as the plane descends from cruising altitude, ensuring uninterrupted voice and video calls, video streaming, and other high-speed internet activities.

Jay Heublein, who leads Flexjet’s Global Maintenance and Product division, emphasized the importance of reliable connectivity for a superior travel experience. He expressed pride in Flexjet’s ability to identify and adapt the most advanced technology, keeping aircraft owners connected no matter where they are in the world.

Flexjet has been a pioneer in private aviation since entering the fractional jet ownership market in 1995. The company is recognized for achieving the Air Charter Safety Foundation’s Industry Audit Standard and has received numerous accolades for excellence and safety. With its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Flexjet continues to revolutionize the private jet travel industry.

– Flexjet Launches Starlink by SpaceX – The World’s Most Advanced In-Flight Connectivity Solution
– Flexjet, Inc.