Flexjet Collaborates with Starlink to Bring High-Speed In-Flight Wi-Fi to Private Jets

Flexjet, a global leader in subscription-based private aviation, has partnered with Starlink, a broadband satellite internet provider, to offer its aircraft owners in-flight Wi-Fi access that aligns with the high-speed capabilities they would expect in a boardroom setting. This collaboration makes Flexjet the first shared ownership jet travel provider to offer such fast and reliable internet access during flights.

The introduction of Starlink’s technology is the result of an 18-month process that involved an industrywide technology evaluation and close collaboration between Flexjet, Nextant Aerospace, and Starlink. Starlink, engineered by SpaceX, operates over 4,500 satellites in low-Earth orbit to provide global internet access, including to aviation users.

Before this collaboration, in-flight connectivity solutions were plagued with reliability issues. However, Starlink’s technology solves these problems. The hardware features a phased array antenna with no moving parts, eliminating vulnerability to environmental variances that can affect performance. This means that passengers will have internet access throughout the entire flight, from takeoff to landing, without disruptions.

Flexjet plans to install Starlink’s technology on its Gulfstream G650s fleet, which has been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. Afterward, the installation process will extend to their super-mid, mid, and light jet fleets. Once the technology is installed, passengers will have seamless access to high-speed internet as soon as they board the aircraft.

Jay Heublein, who leads Flexjet Global Maintenance and Product division, emphasizes the importance of reliable connectivity for their owners. He believes that Starlink’s technology represents a significant advancement in private jet travel and ensures that Flexjet can deliver the finest travel experience to its customers.

This collaboration between Flexjet and Starlink sets a new standard for in-flight connectivity in the private aviation industry. It allows passengers to stay connected, conduct voice and video calls, stream videos, and engage in internet activities that require high-speed capabilities, improving the overall flight experience.

Overall, the partnership between Flexjet and Starlink brings a reliable and seamless high-speed internet solution to private jet owners, setting a precedent for other jet travel providers to follow.

– Flexjet First in Industry to Launch Starlink by SpaceX – The World’s Most Advanced In-Flight Connectivity Solution