Tropical Storm Hilary Causes Flight Cancellations and Delays in Southwestern U.S.

Deputy National Hurricane Center Director Jamie Rhome warns that portions of California are still at a “high risk” of “life-threatening” flooding as Tropical Storm Hilary approaches the southwestern U.S. Flight cancellations and delays have been increasing as the storm brings high winds, heavy rain, and the threat of significant flooding in California and Nevada.

According to FlightAware data, there have been 2,562 delayed flights within, into, or out of the U.S., along with 1,006 cancellations as of Sunday at 3 p.m. ET. Airports in the southwestern U.S. have been the most affected by these disruptions. For example, San Diego International Airport has reported that 37% of departures and 41% of arriving flights have been canceled, and Las Vegas’s Harry Reid International Airport has canceled 20% of departures and 22% of arrivals.

Other airports in the region, such as Hollywood Burbank Airport and Orange County’s John Wayne Airport, have also faced a significant number of cancellations. However, Los Angeles International Airport has experienced relatively fewer disruptions, with cancellations for only 3% of departures and 4% of arrivals.

Tropical Storm Hilary, downgraded from a hurricane, is expected to arrive in Southern California later on Sunday after making landfall in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. The storm is forecasted to bring heavy rain, strong winds, and the possibility of flash flooding in mountainous and desert areas, particularly in Nevada and inland California. Some areas may also experience tornado warnings.

Southern California is currently under a tropical storm warning, with parts of California, Arizona, and Nevada preparing for flooding and heavy rains. This is the first time the National Hurricane Center has issued such warnings for Southern California. Flood alerts are also in effect for other states in the storm’s path.

Emergency resources have been prepositioned across the region, and state of emergency declarations have been made by both California Governor Gavin Newsom and Clark County City Manager Kevin Schiller for their respective areas.

– Tropical Storm: A tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds between 39 and 73 mph (34 to 63 knots).
– Flash Flood: A sudden and rapid flooding of normally dry areas caused by intense rainfall.
– Tornado Warning: An alert issued by the National Weather Service when a tornado has been sighted or indicated by radar.

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