Ukraine Claims Responsibility for Sabotage Operations on Russian Soil

The Ukrainian authorities have admitted to carrying out sabotage operations against Russian infrastructure, including the Kerch Bridge, which connects Russia with the illegally annexed Crimea peninsula. In a rare display of candor, the head of the Security Services of Ukraine (SSU), Vasil Maliuk, revealed that the Ukrainian military was behind the attacks, a departure from their previous stance of not taking responsibility for drone attacks on Russian soil.

The admission comes at a time when Ukraine is facing ongoing aggression from Vladimir Putin’s troops, who are attempting to erase the Ukrainian state. Despite their international allies’ concerns, the United States and European nations seem to be showing more flexibility in their support for Ukraine. This is evident in the recent approval of the delivery of F-16 fighter aircraft to Ukraine by the United States, as well as the donation of more than 60 US-produced fighter jets by the Netherlands and Denmark.

One of the most effective weapons used in the attacks on Russian infrastructure is the “Sea Baby,” a nautical drone developed by Ukrainian military engineers. The drone has been used to target the Kerch Bridge, an amphibious assault ship, and an oil tanker supplying the Russian army. These attacks demonstrate a high level of Ukrainian infiltration in the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula.

Maliuk provided details of the preparations for the sabotage operations, which involved hiding explosives inside coils of polyethylene plastic and hiring Russian smugglers to transport the disguised explosives into Crimea. The Ukrainian secret service was able to access cameras installed on the infrastructure, allowing them to monitor the movements of the truck carrying the explosives.

The destruction of the Kerch Bridge in October 2022 led to significant delays in the supply of equipment for Russian troops. In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a three-month bombing campaign against the Ukrainian energy grid.

The admission of responsibility for the sabotage operations coincides with the third summit of the Crimean Platform, an initiative aimed at pressuring Russia to vacate the peninsula. The summit will likely see increased pressure on Ukraine to address the ongoing conflict.

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– Sabotage operations: deliberate acts of destruction or disruption carried out to undermine a target’s infrastructure or operations
– Kerch Bridge: a bridge that connects Russia with the Crimea peninsula, which was annexed by Russia in 2014
– Nautical drone: an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed for maritime operations
– Infiltration: the act of secretly entering or gaining access to a place or organization