Tropical Storm Hilary Causes Thousands of Flights to be Delayed or Canceled in the US

More than 4,500 flights across the US have been delayed or canceled as Tropical Storm Hilary approaches California. The storm has caused disruption to airports in California and nearby states, with many flights originating from or headed to these locations being affected.

Flight tracker FlightAware revealed that Harry Reid International in Las Vegas has seen over 300 flight cancellations, while San Diego International has had 40% of its arrivals and departures canceled. Ontario International airport outside of Los Angeles has also seen approximately one-third of its flights canceled.

The impact of the storm is not limited to California. Burbank, Santa Ana, and Sacramento airports have each had to cancel more than 20% of their departing flights, while Daugherty Field airport in Long Beach has seen at least 42% of its arrivals canceled. Additionally, there have been delays at international airports in Denver and Phoenix as the ripple effect of the storm spreads.

While the storm has not yet made landfall in the US, it has already caused significant damage in Mexico’s Baja California region. As the conditions worsen, California Governor Gavin Newsom and Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo have declared states of emergency in their respective states.

Tropical Storm Hilary is expected to bring severe flooding to parts of California and Nevada. These areas could experience the equivalent of a year’s worth of rain in a single day.

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