Terry Long Retires After 50 Years of Aircraft Maintenance at Vance Air Force Base

Terry Long, an Enid native and the Amentum branch manager for the T-6A Texan II, recently retired after an impressive 50-year career in aircraft maintenance at Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma.

Long began his journey on March 12, 1973, working on the Cessna T-37 Tweet. Over the years, he witnessed the retirement of the T-37 and the introduction of newer technology like the T-1A Jayhawk.

Throughout his career, Long has been dedicated to his work and supporting the mission at Vance. His commitment to excellence and taking care of the people around him has made a significant impact on the lives of many.

Long reflects on his 50 years of service, acknowledging how quickly time flies. He encourages the next generation of maintainers to appreciate each and every day, as decades can pass in the blink of an eye.

Working at Vance has been a rewarding experience for Long, and he believes it is an exceptional place to build a career. He has witnessed individuals from various industries, such as the oil field, welding business, and trucking business, express their desire to have started their careers at Vance.

As technology continues to improve, Long emphasizes the importance of staying updated and embracing change. The evolution of aircraft technology parallels the advancements seen in automobiles, and it is crucial to adapt and grow along with these changes.

Terry Long’s retirement marks the end of an era at Vance Air Force Base. He leaves behind a legacy of dedication, commitment, and a passion for aviation. His contributions to the base have helped make it a go-to destination for student production.


– Vance Air Force Base

– Amentum