The Rise of Muscat Daily: Oman’s Leading Broadsheet Newspaper

Muscat Daily, established on October 10, 2009, has swiftly emerged as the most popular broadsheet newspaper in the Sultanate of Oman. With a daily circulation of 33,500 copies and a loyal subscriber base of 28,000, it has established itself as a leading source of national, regional, and international news.

This newspaper offers extensive coverage of national events in Oman, ensuring that readers are well-informed about the latest developments within the country. Additionally, Muscat Daily provides comprehensive coverage of regional news, allowing its readers to stay updated on the political, economic, and social affairs of the broader Middle East.

One of the key strengths of Muscat Daily is its extensive international news coverage. The newspaper ensures that its readers are connected to the world by reporting on significant global events, politics, and culture. By providing this broad perspective, Muscat Daily enables its readers to have a more nuanced understanding of global affairs.

With a commitment to objective journalism, Muscat Daily consistently delivers news that is reliable, accurate, and unbiased. Its reporting is based on thorough research, interviews, and fact-checking, ensuring that readers have access to the most credible information available.

Furthermore, the content provided by Muscat Daily is diverse and engaging. In addition to news articles, the newspaper covers a wide range of topics such as business, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. This comprehensive approach allows the newspaper to cater to the varied interests of its readership.

Overall, Muscat Daily has managed to establish itself as Oman’s leading broadsheet newspaper by delivering high-quality, comprehensive, and reliable news coverage. Its commitment to keeping its readers informed about both local and global events has garnered a significant and loyal following.


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– Definition of broadsheet newspaper: A large-format newspaper characterized by a vertical, rather than horizontal, orientation when opened (Source: Oxford Languages)
– Definition of subscriber: A person who pays a regular fee for the use of a service (Source: Oxford Languages)