DJI Terra Receives Firmware Update: Here’s What’s New

DJI Terra, an all-in-one drone mapping solution, has recently released a new firmware update, version 3.8.0. This update introduces several new features and optimizations to enhance the user experience.

One of the notable additions is the support for generating Digital Elevation Models (DEM) during LiDAR point cloud reconstruction. This feature enhances the accuracy and precision of the mapping process by providing detailed and three-dimensional information about the terrain.

The workflow for cluster reconstruction has also been revamped in this update. DJI Terra now supports multiple worker devices on the same computer, allowing for more efficient processing of data. These worker devices can be automatically added or deleted, and users can access more information about each device. Additionally, the cluster output file directory can now be set to a network drive, enabling easier access to worker devices.

The Quality Report for LiDAR Point Cloud has also received an updated layout, improving the overall visibility and usability of the feature. Furthermore, the Help Center now redirects users to the DJI Terra webpage for downloading product manuals, enhancing user support.

In terms of improvements, the firmware update enhances the accuracy of the Optimize Point Cloud Accuracy function. The Restricted Zone can now be disabled by default, providing users with more flexibility in their mapping operations. Additionally, support for setting the gimbal tilt angle over 30 degrees for Detailed Inspection missions using the DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone has been added.

The firmware update also addresses various fixes and issues. For example, the layout display error for the exported PDF file of the Quality Report has been fixed. The screen lagging issue when clicking ‘Optimize’ on the Ground Control Point (GCP) Management page has also been resolved, along with the occasional network connection error on the GCP Management or Region of Interest (ROI) page.

It is important to note that for DJI Terra v3.8.0 and later versions, when using the free trial license and performing charged functions in LiDAR point cloud reconstruction, the maximum imported files cannot exceed 8 GB.

Overall, this firmware update enhances the capabilities of DJI Terra, providing users with an improved drone mapping solution. The new features, optimizations, and bug fixes contribute to a more efficient and reliable experience for drone mapping professionals.

– DJI Terra Release Notes (Available upon request)