Drone Delivery Sets World Record in Christiansburg

Susie and Paul Sensmeier of Christiansburg, Virginia, have set a world record for the most orders brought to them by a commercial drone. The couple has received over 1,200 drone deliveries to their home over the course of four years, making them pioneers in the field of drone delivery.

The Sensmeiers were early adopters of the drone delivery service provided by Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. Wing launched its local drone delivery service in Christiansburg in 2019, making it the first trial site of its kind in the United States.

Paul Sensmeier highlighted the convenience of drone deliveries, emphasizing that it eliminates the hassle of having to pick up items himself. This is particularly beneficial for his wife, Susie, who has vision issues and no longer drives. The couple encourages others to give the service a try, as they believe it is a sign of things to come on a larger scale.

While the Wing drone delivery service in Christiansburg is still in its early stages, it has received significant attention for its innovative approach. The company has partnered with local businesses to deliver goods by air to residents in certain sections of the town.

The Sensmeiers recently moved to an assisted living facility in Blacksburg and are no longer utilizing the drone delivery service. However, they expressed their fondness for the service and highlighted the positive impact it had on their lives.

Drone delivery is an emerging technology that involves the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to transport goods directly to consumers. It offers the potential for increased convenience and efficiency in the delivery process.

– Yann Ranaivo, The Roanoke Times