Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire to Conduct Planned Exercise Involving Helicopters

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire has announced a planned exercise that will take place on Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. The exercise will simulate a real-world rescue and will involve the use of approximately four Black Hawk helicopters from the Pennsylvania Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team. The helicopters will be in the vicinity of the Highland Park VA property where team members will be picked up.

During the exercise, some team members will be dropped off at Point State Park, while others will go directly to Brunot Island. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has granted permission for the use of Point State Park, and Duquesne Light Company and NRG Energy have allowed the use of Brunot Island.

Chief of Fire Darryl Jones expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of the various organizations involved. He emphasized the importance of these tactical training exercises for the development of the Bureau of Fire’s skills and preparedness in the event of future disaster situations.

Residents in the area are advised not to be alarmed by the presence of helicopters during the exercise. The Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire aims to conduct safe and efficient rescues and these exercises contribute to their ongoing training.

Sources: Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire