Rode Introduces Wireless Pro: A Flagship Wireless Microphone System for Creators

Rode has unveiled its latest addition to the wireless microphone market with the Wireless Pro. Building on the success of its popular Wireless GO system, the Wireless Pro aims to provide creators with an even more advanced and streamlined audio solution.

One of the standout features of the Wireless Pro is its onboard 32-bit float recording. This allows for worry-free mic gain levels, ensuring that recordings are not distorted or “clipped” due to being too loud. This feature is a game-changer for creators who have experienced the frustration of ruined productions caused by poor audio quality.

Rode’s inclusion of 32-bit float recording in the Wireless Pro could help bring this technology into the mainstream. While some specialized audio recorders already offer this feature, the Wireless Pro opens up the possibility of recording a wide variety of audio content in 32-bit float by simply plugging different microphones into its transmitters.

In addition to the 32-bit float recording capabilities, the Wireless Pro also offers advanced timecode capability, eliminating the need for an external device. However, this feature must be set up via Rode Central, the companion app for the microphone.

The Wireless Pro includes a charging case as a standard feature, which provides two total charges for the system. The battery life of the transmitters and receiver is approximately seven hours, allowing for at least 20 hours of total recording onto the 32GB storage. The improved range of the Wireless Pro extends up to 850 feet (260 meters), surpassing the capabilities of competitors like DJI.

Furthermore, the Wireless Pro allows for up to three different speakers to be recorded, with one speaker being wired via a TRRS headset in the headphones/monitoring port. Locking 3.5mm jacks and plugin power detection are among the minor quality of life updates included in the Wireless Pro.

Priced at $399, the Wireless Pro comes bundled with two Lavalier II microphones, offering a comprehensive solution for creators. Despite the higher price point compared to competitors like DJI, the inclusion of additional accessories, such as the Lavalier II microphones, makes the Wireless Pro an attractive option for those seeking a complete wireless microphone system.

Sources: Rode