Russian Defense Ministry Confirms Drone Attack on Soltsy Air Base

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that a military air base in the Novgorod region was targeted by improvised kamikaze drones. The Soltsy air base, where Russian Tu-22M3 bombers are stationed, came under attack resulting in a fire in the plane lot. Fortunately, the fire was swiftly extinguished, but one plane was damaged in the incident.

Images captured after the attack depict thick black smoke emanating from the area where the drone struck the air base. The Soltsy-2 air base is situated in Novgorod Oblast, Russia, approximately 2 km north of Soltsy and 72 km southwest of Novgorod. Notably, the base is positioned at a considerable distance from the Ukrainian border, which raises questions about the origin of the attack.

Containing large aircraft revetments, the Soltsy-2 air base also features a separate compound of 9 hardened areas located roughly a mile away from the main airfield. This base serves as the home of the 40th Composite Aviation Regiment, which operates the Tu-22M3 as part of the 22nd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Division.

The use of improvised kamikaze drones in this attack highlights the evolving threat landscape faced by military installations. Such drones, often armed with explosive devices, can be remotely piloted or even operate autonomously. Their small size and maneuverability make them difficult targets for traditional air defenses, posing a unique challenge for military forces.

While the exact details and motives behind this attack remain unknown, it underscores the need for enhanced security measures to protect military installations from unconventional threats. The Russian Defense Ministry is likely to investigate the incident further and take appropriate measures to prevent future attacks on its air bases.