Russia Thwarts Ukrainian Drone Attacks on Moscow, Following Deadly Missile Strike in Ukraine

Russia announced that it successfully intercepted attempts by Ukrainian drones to carry out terrorist attacks on Moscow and its region. This comes a day after a missile strike in Ukraine’s Chernihiv resulted in the death of seven people and the injury of 148 others.

Both sides have reported regular drone incursions throughout the conflict, with attacks on Russian territory becoming more frequent. The Russian defence ministry stated that it thwarted a drone attack on infrastructure in Moscow and the Moscow region. The drone was destroyed by electronic warfare and crashed into an uninhabited area. No victims or damage were reported.

In addition to the attempted attack on Moscow, Ukrainian drones also targeted a railway station in the Russian city of Kursk, resulting in injuries to five people.

In the southern region of Rostov, which borders Ukraine, Russian air defence intercepted two Ukrainian drones.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine promised a substantial response to the attack in Chernihiv. The governor of the Chernihiv region confirmed seven deaths and 148 injuries. Numerous homes were also damaged in the attack.

Chernihiv, located north of Kyiv, had previously experienced minimal attacks during Russia’s invasion. Meanwhile, Zelensky was in Sweden seeking additional support from Western allies during a counteroffensive.

Ukraine launched its counteroffensive in June, encountering strong resistance from entrenched Russian forces.