Pakistan Smugglers Increasingly Airdrop Drugs During Daytime, Posing Challenge for Security Forces

Police in Tarn Taran have apprehended three individuals and confiscated a drone, 3kg of heroin, ₹30 lakh in drug money, and a pistol in separate incidents. This marks the first time that a video of Pakistani smugglers using a drone to airdrop drugs into Indian territory has emerged. The police shared footage of a Pakistani drone dropping a packet of heroin in Naushehra Dhala village, situated along the India-Pakistan border.

According to authorities, smugglers from across the border are now using this method to deliver drugs during the daytime, presenting a new challenge for security forces. The drone in question, a DJI Mavic 3 Classic, was operated from Pakistan and was recovered from one of the accused smugglers. The police also seized an additional 2kg of heroin that had been dropped by the same drone before it malfunctioned.

The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Gurmeet Singh Chauhan, stated that the drone had been used for smuggling small packets of drugs during the day. He highlighted the difficulty of detecting such drones during daylight, as they can fly high and do not emit notable noise. Chauhan expressed concern over this trend, citing the drone’s capacity to carry up to 500g at a time and complete multiple sorties within a short duration.

In another incident, two individuals were arrested while transporting 1.290kg of heroin, ₹30 lakh in drug money, and a .32 bore pistol in a Hyundai Verna car. The SSP revealed that the heroin appeared to have been smuggled using a drone from Pakistan.

The DJI Mavic 3 Classic drone used in the operation has a maximum flight time of 46 minutes, 40 minutes of hovering time, and a 15km HD video transmission capability. While primarily used for spying and aerial imaging, it has found nefarious use in drug smuggling.

The police intend to discuss the challenge posed by daytime drug smuggling via small drones with the relevant authorities. They will also send the seized drone for forensic examination to determine its flight time.

Source: Hindustan Times