The 1954 de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Mk I: An Iconic Aircraft for Adventurous Pilots

Today’s top pick from Aircraft For Sale is the 1954 de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Mk I. This aircraft has gained a legendary status in aviation, being renowned for its power, load-carrying capability, short-field performance, and ruggedness. It has been the preferred choice of bush pilots for decades, especially those flying in remote areas like Canada, Alaska, and the arctic.

The de Havilland Beaver was designed in the 1940s and quickly became a remarkable success. While there are other bush airplanes, none compare to the unique qualities of the Beaver. This iconic aircraft has even made appearances in popular culture, featuring in movies, TV shows, and advertising campaigns.

This particular Beaver has an impressive 20,205 hours on the airframe, with 400 hours on its Pratt & Whitney R-985 AN14B engine and 270 hours on the Hartzell three-blade propeller. It is worth noting that it is uncommon to find a Beaver without floats, but this one comes equipped with Wipline 6000 amphibious floats. These floats include a gear advisory system to prevent pilots from mistakenly landing on water with the wheels down or on land with them up.

The aircraft stands out with its original paint and a brand-new interior that was installed just last year. The panel features modern avionics such as a Bendix/King KX155 nav/com, Apollo GX55 GPS, Bendix KY 96A com, and Garmin 345 audio panel.

If you’re an adventurous pilot ready to embrace bush flying and travel to destinations where water serves as your runway, this Beaver might be the perfect aircraft for you. It is currently available for purchase at $549,000 on AircraftForSale. Financing options can be arranged through the FLYING Financial Group.

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