Russia and Ukraine Continue to Innovate in Warfare with New Drones

Russia and Ukraine are locked in a continuing conflict, with both sides consistently looking for new strategies and technologies to gain an advantage. Recently, Ukraine unveiled a new underwater drone called “Marichka” and their version of the kamikaze drone, the “Perun.” These additions to Ukraine’s defense industry have taken the asymmetric threat to a new level, as they have been using cheap commercial drones for tactical purposes on the battlefield.

Ukraine’s new underwater drone, Marichka, is designed to attack warships, boats, submarines, coastal fortifications, and bridge supports. It can also transport cargo for military or civilian purposes and perform reconnaissance missions. With a length of 6 meters and a range of 1000 kilometers, this drone poses a significant threat to the Russian fleet. The video footage shows the drone being tested and lowered into the water, but it is unclear when it will enter mass production. This tactical tool can be used in conjunction with other attacks to confuse Russian warship gunners and potentially stay submerged for hours to gather intelligence or execute an attack.

The Ukrainian defense industry has also developed their version of the Russian kamikaze drone, the Perun. Similar in design to the original Lancet, the Perun has an X-shaped wing configuration and a push-propeller. While the details of its performance and capabilities are still unknown, the Ukrainian government has stated that production is being scaled up, indicating that it may soon make an appearance on the battlefield.

In addition to these developments, a recent incident occurred where a Russian Su-30SM fighter destroyed a Ukrainian speedboat near a gas platform on the Black Sea. The footage released by the Russian Ministry of Defense showed the fighter firing tracer rounds at the boat. While Russia accuses Ukraine of conducting kamikaze drone attacks, no Russian naval vessel has been sunk by these attacks as of yet.

Both Russia and Ukraine continue to adapt and innovate in this ongoing conflict, introducing new technologies and strategies to gain an edge over their opponent.


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