New Acting Head of Russia’s Aerospace Forces Appointed

Russia has appointed a new acting head of its aerospace forces to replace Sergei Surovikin, who was nicknamed “General Armageddon” and disappeared from view after a mercenary mutiny. Surovikin, who was once in charge of Russia’s war effort in Ukraine, appeared in a video during the June revolt, urging the Wagner boss to abandon his march on Moscow. While details of Surovikin’s alleged wrongdoing remain unknown, his reported removal suggests that the authorities found fault with his behavior.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian troops have made progress in their southward drive towards the Sea of Azov. They have gained a foothold in the southeastern village of Robotyne on the road to Tokmak. The liberation of Robotyne, which is an important regional rail hub occupied by Russia, would be a significant milestone for Kyiv. The next major settlement in their path is the city of Melitopol.

In other news, a Russian drone attack on the Danube River port of Izmail in southern Ukraine destroyed 13,000 tons of grain. This attack is part of a larger pattern of Russia targeting grain silos and warehouses to stop agricultural exports, according to Ukrainian deputy prime minister Oleksandr Kubrakov.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking to the BRICS group, stated that Russia wants to end the war in Ukraine, which he claims was unleashed by the West and its satellites. Putin reiterated the Kremlin narrative that the war was a forced response to actions by Kyiv and the West.

It is worth noting that Russian mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin has reportedly published a recruitment video for the Wagner Group. Prigozhin gained global attention in June following a short-lived rebellion against defense officials in Russia. The video claims that the Wagner Group is conducting reconnaissance and search activities in Africa to make Russia greater and Africa more free.

Ukraine has also increased its attacks on Russian planes and airfields. Ukrainian saboteurs, coordinated by Kyiv’s military intelligence services, have carried out drone attacks on airfields deep inside Russia, destroying a supersonic Russian bomber. These attacks, along with drone attacks on Moscow, are part of a series of assaults by Ukraine on Russia’s military hardware.

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