Boeing Grants $100,000 to Oklahoma Aviation Academy

Boeing has announced a $100,000 grant to the Norman Public Schools Oklahoma Aviation Academy. The donation was presented during the NPS Board of Education meeting and marks the company’s third such grant to the program. The academy aims to connect high school students with career and education opportunities in the aviation and aerospace industries. The grant will support the academy’s efforts to provide pathways into these industries for students.

This investment in aviation and aerospace education follows Boeing’s previous commitment to the “You Can Fly” program in Oklahoma, which was announced earlier this year. Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell highlighted the state’s success in high school aviation education, stating that Oklahoma ranked number one in the country in this field.

Terry Adams, the director of the Oklahoma Aviation Academy, express the importance of providing students with early exposure to these industries. He emphasized the need to help students find their passion and provide them with opportunities to pursue it while in high school. Adams also acknowledged the financial resources required to connect students with experiential opportunities in aviation and aerospace.

Alexandra Capeloupo, E-7 director of Korea and Turkey for Boeing, expressed her excitement for the partnership between Boeing and Norman Public Schools. She emphasized that investing in programs like the aviation academy is vital for developing the future workforce needed by Boeing.

The grant from Boeing represents a significant contribution to the Oklahoma Aviation Academy and will help support its efforts to prepare students for careers in the aviation and aerospace industries.

– Unnamed source: “Boeing Grants $100,000 to Norman Public Schools Oklahoma Aviation Academy”
– Unnamed source: “Boeing’s investment in Oklahoma aviation education continues with another $100,000 grant”