The Top Cameras and Gear Used by Vlogger Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat, an American vlogger who gained prominence on YouTube, has become an OG in the vlogging world. With over 12.5 million subscribers on his primary channel, Neistat has captured the attention of viewers with his unique perspective on life.

Despite recent challenges faced by the vlogging community, the post-pandemic boom has revitalized people’s desire to experience life vicariously through others. Whether it’s traveling around the world or exploring New York City, Neistat relies on a wide variety of top cameras and gear to capture his footage.

Neistat began creating video content long before the inception of YouTube, and he gained popularity by exposing Apple’s charging practices for refurbishing iPods. He started vlogging daily in 2015, which continued for 300 days before transitioning to monthly releases.

In terms of cameras, Neistat utilizes a diverse range to fuel his creativity. The following cameras have been verified through their appearances in Neistat’s videos or his acknowledgment of using them:

Sony a6500 + lenses: Neistat frequently relies on the Sony a6500 for its versatility. While it may not surpass specialty cameras in specific aspects, it proves capable in various situations.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro: Neistat incorporates drones into his videos to capture breathtaking aerial shots of New York City. Utilizing the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, considered one of the best consumer-grade drones on the market, he unlocks the full potential of his creativity.

GoPro Hero 9: When it comes to underwater or adventure shots, Neistat turns to the GoPro Hero 9. This top-of-the-line gear ensures his content keeps up with his imaginative ideas.

Insta360 Flow: Neistat has used the Insta360 Flow in many videos, especially in a brand deal collaboration. This AI-powered smartphone stabilizer enhances the quality of video captured on smartphones, eliminating the potential for shaky footage.

In addition to these cameras and gear, Neistat may utilize other accessories to further enhance his creative process. While his collection of cameras and equipment is constantly evolving, these are the confirmed ones at this time.

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